It enables to shift the industries from the traditional way to Digitize Solutions with best ever user-friendly experiences to customers in a realistic way.



With almost 25 years of experience, the Digital Design Group provides services throughout the United States. We incorporate innovative developers into our practice, as well as corporate and government organizations. At DDG, we provide solutions in BIM Drafting Services, Design, Construction, and IT services. Not only this, but we also specialize in collaborating with anything from design services to construction, architects, and contractors. These collaborations provide services in design, construction, MEP coordination, modeling, and drafting, point cloud modeling, facilities, and data management.  We have hands-on experience with BIM and with this experience, we’re able to recognize the trending demand of the AEC industry. Not only this, but we’re aware of the challenges and have the resources and experience to overcome them. Our team of professionals is highly skilled and each member shares the following values: reliability, efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and timelines. Our outputs are always accurate and creative; furthermore, we focus on the technology road map to ensure more monetization and BIM extraction.


DDG (Digital Design Group) was founded in 1996 by a small group of visionaries. We started out with 3 employees. Over the years, we have grown to a well-established company with over 150 designers, detailers, and drafters. Together, we have proudly accumulated over 20 years of experience in Semiconductor, Bio-pharmaceutical, Hospitals, and Hotels. Our main market focus is in the United States of America. However, we also operate in emerging economies, such as India, Cambodia, and Vietnam.​ We offer a wide range of services to architects, engineers, general contractors, and sub-contractors. We have assisted our clients in design-build projects, as well as plan-spec projects.


When we ask our clients about DDG, they have a lot to say: we’re multinational, disciplined, dedicated, and provide complete BIM services. Our mission is to build these professional relationships with quality, integrity, and pride. We aim to provide our clients with services that help their projects to run more smoothly. Our main priorities are innovation, knowledge, and YOU.

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We started from the bottom, we evolved, we put our hearts into our work,

 and now we are building a better world for tomorrow with these services.


DDG BIM Services offers diverse solutions in BIM Drafting Services, Architectural BIM Modeling, Structural BIM Modeling, and MEP BIM Modeling. 


DDG believe that every family deserves a home to live better, smarter and healthier which is not only built with hammers and nails but it also takes passion, vision, integrity, and quality to create YOUR home.

Our responsibility is to do the right thing for the right reason to better the lives of others. so, we work side by side with people each and every day to help them achieve their goals and fulfil their dreams. That's why we are setting the new standard in home construction & design and leading the way in energy-efficient homes.


DDG's strength lies in its in-house design, which is backed by a multidisciplinary team of specialized engineers & ex-pats and sophisticated software & hardware facilities that provide value-added integrated engineering services with detailed design and engineering support as part of comprehensive services.


DDG Graphix professionals have decades of combined experience in 3D Visualization, Visual effects, Illustration and Web development. Each member of the team is a highly trained expert in their field ensuring that the work we deliver is always high-quality. You can rest easy knowing that from the moment you request your quote to the moment your final product is delivered, you will be working with a specialist in the industry.


DDG IT has developed Innovative applications and software solutions that can make the process more efficient, more accurate, and expand the benefits of BIM in general. Our professionals have a "do what it takes to get the job done " attitude with them, so they are willing to tackle any software development task and they will get the work done. DDG IT creates detailed project plans including anticipated budget (time) and detailed execution timeline. We also manage development projects according to budget and agreed time frames.

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